The Artwork of Jack Steel

The artwork for Squadron Leader Jack Steel and the Starblade has been created by two artists, Ben Magrath and Nigel Potter.

This page contains Ben and Nigel's episode artwork.

Episode 1 - Jack and Charlie having a somewhat frantic discussion over the radio

Jack and Charlie
© Ben Magrath

Episode 2 - Brunel reviewing the plans of the "secret project"

© Ben Magrath

Episode 3 - Jack and Yvette with some unwelcome company

Jack and Yvette
© Ben Magrath

Episode 4 - The Mad Monk demonstrates "superior" technology

© Ben Magrath

Episode 5 - Mordred and Helga's interest is piqued

Mordred and Helga
© Ben Magrath

Episode 6 - The Starblade in all its glory!

© Ben Magrath

Episode 7 - The Starblade in action versus Quack ships

Starblade in action
© Nigel Potter

Episode 8 - In the Hall of the Qaxorian King!

© Nigel Potter

Episode 9 - Bilkins meets Arianna

Bilkins and Arianna
© Nigel Potter

Episode 10 - Rasputin Reborn!

© Nigel Potter

Episode 11 - Jack and Yvette meet Fingers Macginty

© Nigel Potter

Episode 12 - The Starblade flies around the sun

© Nigel Potter

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